Django Reinhardt’s Gypsy Influence on Jazz

Ellington described Django Reinhardt as one of the ‘single most important non-African American influences on jazz’ (Ken Burns Jazz Channel 4 2005). It would be just as true to say that jazz was a major influence on Django. This dissertation sets out to show how jazz and gypsy music influenced his playing and his contribution to the music known as Gypsy Jazz.

This project is to research how and in what way Django Reinhardt influenced jazz i.e. what did he bring to the music that was different? The research questions will (a) review his history and background to put together a social context for his music (b) provide evidence for his original influence on Gypsy Jazz through (i) transcription and analysis of his work (ii) a database search for archived newspaper articles (c) look at his effect on contemporary music.

It would be great to get feedback on this research. Please send your comments to the forum. The Email address is on the discussion page. If you are happy for me to do so, your comments may be included in the discussion section.


Latcho Drom

Trisha Elphinstone



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